20231110 Bipolar thermoelectricity from non-equilibrium spontaneous particle-hole symmetry broken.

Title: Bipolar thermoelectricity from non-equilibrium spontaneous particle-hole symmetry broken.
Speaker: Dr. Alessandro Braggio
Affiliation: Istituto di Nanoscienze CNR-NANO & NEST, Scuola Normale Superiore
Date and time: Nov. 10 (Fri.), 4pm

We have recently predicted[1] and demonstrated[2] the possibility of generating a new thermoelectric effect. In
particular, we predicted the bipolar thermoelectricity effect in a superconducting tunnel junction with
asymmetric gaps where the Josephson coupling is suppressed[1]. The bipolar thermoelectricity is determined by
the spontaneous particle-hole symmetry breaking determined by the non-equilibrium condition (nonlinear
thermal gradient applied to the junction) and can be even tuned by phase control[2,3]. The spontaneous
symmetry breaking clearly shows the crucial role of the interactions which are at the base of the
superconductivity. In a single-electron transistor setup, the Coulomb interaction develops the capability of gate
control of the bipolar thermoelectricity[4]. Furthermore, we will comment on a few possible applications of this
phenomenology spanning from current controlled superconducting thermoelectric memory[1], high-sensitivity
bolometers[5], bilayer-graphene nanodevices[6], bipolar thermoelectric SQUIPT[7] or even intriguing photoassisted
thermoelectric nanodevices[8].

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Caption: Bipolar Thermoelectric Josephson engine